The Programme of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU

Croatia has taken over the presidency on January 1st 2020, ending on June 30th 2020.

The priorities presented in the programme of the Croatian Presidency are driven by the motto “A strong Europe in a world of challenges” and are based on four main priority pillars:

  1. A Europe that develops - Balanced and sustained development of the Union and its Member States;
  2. A Europe that connects - Networked economy and used potentials;
  3. A Europe that protects - A safer Union and its citizens;
  4. An influential Europe - Global leader and strong partner to neighbours.

With regards to public health, the Croatian Presidency will focus on:

  • Promoting cooperation amongst Member States on organ donation and transplantation following the “Croatian model”;
  • Enhancing lifelong healthcare to face the burden of ageing population and the increased prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases;
  • Continuing working on an agreement for the Regulation on health technology assessment.

The official presentation of the Croatian Presidency's priorities in the area of research and innovation is available at the link.

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