EAMBES: Recommendations to Horizon2020

The EAMBES Policy Affairs working group has recently analysed the Horizon 2020 document and produced some recommendations which will form the basis of subsequent policy actions in support of Biomedical Engineering research across Europe. The recommendations will now be presented at the EAMBES Expert Policy Workshop hosted by dr Ulmer at the European Parliament on March 27th, 2012.

In the recommendations recently produced by the Policy Affairs working group and approved by the Alliance membership at large, EAMBES analyses in details the Horizon 2020 document, tackling specific aspects which could be improved to give a more adequate relevance to the biomedical engineering research.

EAMBES strongly recommend that Europe should maintain and strengthen its industrial leadership in the area of health technologies, with reference to those areas that involve biomedical engineering research, such as medical imaging, biomedical instrumentation, medical devices, technologies for supporting organs, fitness, wellness and rehabilitation, assistive technologies, etc.

 Within the Horizon 2020 approach health technology/ biomedical engineering can contribute to all areas starting from “Excellence Science Base” over “Industrial Leadership” to “Tackling Societal Challenges”. EAMBES welcomes the approach of simplified rules. However, the implementation of all measures is not quite clear and need further thoughts. The same is true for the evaluation and definition of performance indicators.

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