DISCIPULUS consultation meeting planning

The preparations for the first exercise in community consulting are in full swing. The list of invited expert attendees is taking shape, and the agenda for the meeting is nearly complete.

The first consultation meeting of the DISCIPULUS project will take place in Barcelona one 30thof March 2012. This meeting will be a β€˜think tank,’ aimed at understanding better the remaining steps needed for the realisation of the Digital Patient. Experts from the clinical, academic and industrial communities will work to address the role of robust physiological modelling in the future of clinical decision making. It is also hoped that clinical problems which may particularly benefit from a Digital Patient approach can be identified.

The meeting will be organised to allow teams consisting of clinicians, academics and industrial partners to discuss issues surrounding a particular clinical need and/or a particular modelling or simulation toolkit.  These sessions will be focussed by posing an initial clinical need. Each participant can then contribute their particular experience and expertise to help build up clinical scenarios in which physiological modelling and simulation can play a part.

The results of the meeting will be used to draft a research roadmap, and the key output of the meeting will be a set of clinical scenarios, which will form the backbone of the roadmap. A full report on the outcomes of the meeting will be included in a future newsletter.

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