DISCIPULUS: the public revision of the roadmap kicks off

It has recently kicked off the public discussion on the research roadmap on the Digital Patient that is being elaborated as part of the Discipulus project. The roadmap aims to be the collegial expression of our community, and this would be possible only if all of you will contribute to discuss and orient the roadmap content. Collaborate with us on this important initiative!

WhileDISCIPULUSis a support action funded by the European Commission, as it is usual for the VPH community, the debate that will bring to the finalisation of the roadmap is open to every interested stakeholder, European or International.  We actually welcome the opinions of our colleagues from the rest of the world.

The process we propose is viral in nature:

a) Join Biomed Town.  If you are not one of the over 5000 experts members of this on-line community, please sign-on through this link: https://www.biomedtown.org/join_form.  BiomedTown membership has not costs, no obligations, your email address will not be given to anyone else without your direct permission, and it will not fill your mailbox of unwanted email.  It is a free community of professionals.

Once you are a member,login on Biomed Townusing your credentials.

b)  Sign-on the discipulus forum/mailing list. The entire public debate on the discipulus roadmap will happen through this forum, so we warmly advice you to join it. The forum can be accessed via web interface at this address:


Once yousubscribed to the forum, your email address will be included into the dedicated mailing list; all the postings will be sent to your email account, and you will be able to reply to them by email, using the <discipulus@biomedtown.org> email address.  

Once you are logged in BiomedTown, to subscribe the forum simply click this link:


c) Forward this email to five colleagues that you know can contribute to the development of the roadmap with their opinions and their knowledge.Please invite only five colleagues.  We want the public debate to grow exponentially, to create the proper momentum.  Make sure those you invited subscribe to the forum.

d)Download the current draftof the research roadmap from this folder:


As new versions will be posted, you will be informed through the discipulus mailing list.

e)Post your comments, request for revision, additions, etc. to <discipulus@biomedtown.org>.  Remember the forum will quickly be subscribed by hundreds of people, so please do not flame, and post wisely. Remember that in order to foster the communication we set the default reply-to to the mailing list, so please check before you invite for a coffee your colleague next door and all other 500 experts on the list. If the discussion get very complex, consider to open a private communication with the editors of the chapter you are revising.  Their names are indicated in the roadmap.

Useless to say this is very important for our research community.  If we can produce a relevant roadmap, it will influence the work of the policy makers, ensuring that the research around the Digital Patient is properly funded both at the European and at the member states level.  The time frame is relatively tight, so I would kindly ask you to get involvedNOW.

We thank you in advance for the time your will be investing in this important initiative.

The Discipulus team



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