Digital Patient Roadmap: How To Get Involved

Currently a public consultation process is going to implement a second draft of the Digital Patient roadmap. This roadmap belongs to all of us, and will affect the way healthcare is delivered to the population of Europe in the years to come. We want as many people to get involved in the roadmap consultation process. To do so, you need to join the DISCIPULUS Forum.

  • How? To join the DISCIPULUS forum, you must first become a Biomed Town citizen; to become a citizen, visit  Select the checkbox, “Apply to become a full citizen.  You will be able to join our community.”  Fill in the online form and “submit”. 
  • What happens after that?  Your application reaches the managers of the site, they review your application and make a decision; the outcome is communicated to you. 
  • So what are the criteria for becoming a citizen? Your email address has to be an institutional one and not Hotmail, yahoo, Gmail, and so on; you must be affiliated to a division, department, laboratory, course, and so on, that is clearly related to biomedical research and technology (if this is not obvious from your institutional role, you will be invited to fill in the field, ‘Biomedical Interests’ on the form).  The reviewer needs to be satisfied that you are connected with the biomedical science community, in one way or the other.  Once your application has been approved, a password will be generated and emailed to you using the address you have specified on the form.
  • I am now a citizen of Biomed Town, then what?  Login to Biomed Town, and click and you’re done!

This way, you are now subscribed to the DISCIPULUS Public forum.  This means that every message posted to the forum will be forwarded to your email address, and you will be able to post your own messages to the forum simply by writing an email to (please note that your emails to this address will not be posted on the forum if you do not subscribe to the forum).

If later on you wish to unsubscribe go here ‘’ and click the unsubscribe link. 

The forum is the primary place where we shall conduct discussions related to the Digital Patient Roadmap.  All information will be circulated through this forum, so we strongly recommend you all subscribe to it, or you will be cut off from the roadmapping process.



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