Personalised Medicine Conference

When: 01/06/2016 - 02/06/2016
Where: Brussels - Belgium

The Personalised Medicine Conference 2016 will explore personalised medicine through a research policy lens. Europe is a leader in personalised medicine, an interdisciplinary field which will drive the health research and innovation agenda for years to come in view to improve healthcare.

The conference programme is jointly developed by the IC PerMed members and has the following five thematic sessions:

  • Developing Awareness & Empowerment
  • Integrating Big Data & ICT Solutions
  • Translating Basic to Clinical Research & Beyond
  • Bringing Innovation to the Market
  • Shaping Sustainable Healthcare

Who should attend?

With a venue capacity of close to 600 people, we welcome participation from a wide array of interested people and organisations including patient and civil society representatives, researchers, industry representatives, research funders, policymakers, healthcare payers, and health practitioners

More information can be found here

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