When: 05/10/2016 - 08/10/2016
Where: Milan (Italy)

Aims of the Congress

To foster the development and clinical applications of instrumented movement analysis for: the study of pathophysiology of movement disorders, the prevention and functional diagnosis of diseases affecting the locomotor system, facilitating clinical decision making process and evaluating the efficacy of therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments.

Target groups

The annual SIAMOC meeting attracts clinicians and researchers from multiple disciplines such as physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physiatrist, neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, paediatricians, geriatriciants, sport medicine physician, psychologists as well as physiotherapists, prosthesists and orthotists, occupational therapists, neurophysiopathology technicians, human movement scientists, Biomechanical / Biomedical / Rehabilitation / Robotics engineers, and others interested in human movement.

Main topics

  • Cortical and subcortical control of movements
  • Applications of movement analysis in neurology, orthopaedics and rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics and simulation of movementĀ 
  • Wearable systems, monitoring systems and actigraphyĀ 
  • Methodological developments: protocols, models and algorithms
  • Gait analysis & clinical decision making (for functional surgery, botulinum toxin, physiotherapy)
  • Outcome assessment
  • Prosthetics and orthotics, 3D printing
  • Movement analysis of upper limb and trunk
  • Movement analysis in sport
  • Energetics of locomotion
  • Robotics and virtual reality: rehabilitation and evaluation
  • Scientific sessions and Call for Abstracts

Scientific sessions will be introduced by plenary lectures given by invited world experts (see next page). Large spaces will be reserved for scientific contributions from participants, both in form of oral and poster presentations. Foreign participants can hold their presentations in English. The slides of oral presentations and the posters will be written in English, to facilitate foreign participants. Abstract submission must be done online through the congress website at the following link:

Pre-Congress coursesĀ 

On 5 October 2016 pre-congress courses will be held at Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, S. Maria Nascente Scientific Institute, Via Capecelatro, 66 in Milano:

  • Gait Analysis in patients with spasticity: clinical decision making and outcome assessment
  • Clinical movement analysis by means of inertial and magnetic sensors
  • Movement analysis and rehabilitation: quantitative measurement of outcome (in coll. with GIS Neuroscience)

Awards & Scholarships

  • SIAMOC awards for the best clinical and methodological papers
  • Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation award "Silvano Boccardi" for the best rehabilitative paper<
  • Stage award for young researchers
  • SIAMOC Congress Scholarships for young members
  • SIAMOC award for university degree dissertationĀ 

Key dates

  • February 2016: Call for Abstracts
  • 15 May 2016: abstract submission deadline
  • 30 June 2016: abstract acceptance notification
  • 31 July 2016: Early registration deadline

More information can be found on the conference website



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