Insigneo Showcase 2017

When: 11/05/2017 - 11/05/2017
Where: Octagon Centre, Sheffield, UK

The Insigneo Institute is a collaborative initiative between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where we develop sophisticated computer simulations of human physiology, in health and disease, in order to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment. With a multi-disciplinary membership of over 140 academics and clinicians, our Institute is Europe’s largest centre dedicated to these activities, in the young discipline known as in silico medicine.

This year we're celebrating Insigneo's fifth birthday as Europe's largest academic institute devoted entirely to the development of in silico medical technologies.  As always, attendance is free.

The day will feature:

  • Presentations¬†and¬†engaging displays¬†of the¬†high-quality research¬†carried out at our Institute;
  • An Industrial Village showcasing¬†in silico¬†medicine‚Äôs¬†latest commercial applications;
  • Talks covering the full scope of our research, from¬†fundamental science¬†to¬†translation¬†and¬†from¬†clinical implementation¬†to¬†industrial development;¬†
  • Networking opportunities¬†and¬†one-to-one discussions¬†with¬†funders, academics¬†and¬†clinicians.
Last year’s event attracted well over 280 participants across all of healthcare, and it received significant levels of media attention. 

There are specific opportunities for many categories of visitors:

Fellow Academics: Come and see how our research can complement your own work, and identify potential collaborations with our modellers, clinicians, physicists, mathematicians and engineers.

Clinicians: Understand the potential impact of in silico medicine in your speciality. Our focus on clinical translation provides a unique opportunity to experience how in silico medicine has the potential to support diagnostics, assessments and treatments in your area of medicine. We would actively support you in discussing your diagnostic and treatment challenges, and facilitate meetings on the day with Insigneo research staff and our guest funders. Please just make a note in the comments section of the registration form.

Funders: You can take advantage of a no-charge display stand, at which you can promote your funding opportunities and engage with researchers. We would also seek to facilitate one-to-one discussions, and will put at your disposal a number of break out rooms for individual and group discussions. Please just make a note in the comments section of the registration form.

Patient Groups: the Insigneo Institute is a collaboration between academics and clinicians, with a multi-disciplinary membership of over 140, focusing on understanding health and disease. Please come with questions and enthusiasm to discuss your areas of interest with our teams.

Further information can be found on the Insigneo website 

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