Doctors 2.0 & YOU

When: 01/06/2017 - 02/06/2017
Where: Paris (France)

The seventh Edition of Doctors 2.0 & You will take place on Thursday-Friday, June 1-2, on the campus of the Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris. The program is designed for participants from around the world and all of healthcare stakeholders: patients, professionals, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance, government, academia, organizations...

Here are some items that may be developed during the congress, if you are interested in giving a speech or if you want to propose some other slots, please fill in the Speaker Application Form.

  • The new era of digital health: immortality? more years to a life? more life to years? where are we going?
  • Data capturing: the power of big data
  • Health systems in the age of digital: learning from international best practices
  • The Pharma industry: e-revolution or e-evolution ? where are we at? what to do?
  • The rising importance of telemedicine
  • Better diagnoses and treatments through Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalized medicine
  • The impact of mhealth on the future of hospitals and community care
  • The "New" man: current status and emerging trends, the power of start-ups
  • mhealth for care management
  • Patients in the era of digital health
  • Gamification: the power of playing
  • Safety and ethical questions related to digital health

​Why speaking at Doctors 2.0 & YOU:

  • Doctors 2.0 & You has more than 400 attendees who are eager to learn about and discuss the big issues raised by our speakers; who are sources of inspiration for all participants
  • Speakers are at the heart of the event. They come from all over the world and represent all healthcare stakeholders: patients, professionals, providers, nonprofit organizations, government, industry and more.
  • Break down the misconceptions and share knowledge about healthcare of the future. Help develop better medical communication online between health professionals, patients and start-ups

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