4th International Workshop on Spine Loading and Deformation

When: 05/07/2023 - 07/07/2023
Where: Berlin, Germany
The workshop will be held July 5-7, 2023 at Julius Wolff Institute Berlin Institute of Health, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

It has become increasingly evident that the key to providing the most effective care for patients suffering from spinal disorders lies in cross communications and collaborations between all those working in imaging, statistics, health care, epidemiology, physiology, ergonomics, biomedical industry, and related experimental and computational environments; in other words and as elegantly phrased by the late Alf Nachemson, “by interspecialty migrations”.

Our workshop brings together researchers active in different disciplines to share, discuss, and re-examine the potentials of their recent studies on the spine. The research topics cover trunk loads, postures and motions (imaging, sensors, video camera, machine learning), tissue mechanical tolerance, biological responses to mechanical load, failure and pain generation and chronicity, measurements and model studies in sports, occupational and daily living tasks, with focus on the spino-pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions of the spine. In addition, a Virtual Special Issue in the Journal of Biomechanics has been coordinated similar to previous workshops (see: J Biomech 49 (6) (2016), J Biomech 70 (2018) and J Biomech 102 (2020)). The Virtual Special Issue (Guest Editors: I. Kingma, H. Schmidt and S. Shirazi-Adl) aims to present up-to-date progresses in spine biomechanics using state-of-the-art, existing and novel measurement and computational techniques.

Registration (from March 20, 2023) HERE

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