1st Open Market Consultation Event - Anti-SUPERBUGS PCP

When: 15/12/2017 - 15/12/2017
Where: Barcelona - Spain

Anti-SUPERBUGS PCP project wants to mobilize public and private purchasers and networks of users in the field of health-care associated infections to put the joint & direct procurement process in action, to understand the innovation gap to be addressed by significant R&D services, and to leverage the complementarities of the consortium partners to bring together the demand in order to create a critical mass to acquire cost-effective and fit-to-purpose solutions, whilst creating new opportunities for business growth in Europe, with particular reference to SMEs.

The main objective is to support and finance private R&D activities in the field of advanced ICT solutions, aimed at detecting micro‐organisms that may determine the incurrence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and control the diffusion of infections within healthcare providers. This will both address the needs of healthcare providers in increasing HAIs control and contribute in the development of a new stream of products in the life science and medical device industries.

The Anti-SUPERBUGS consortium consists of a group of procuring authorities (Buyer’s Group) from several European regions, working together with supporting entities with relevant expertise in the PCP instrument, innovation procurement plus technology surveillance and validation of the technological solutions. AQuAS (Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia) acts as project coordinator and lead procuring entity on behalf of the Buyer’s Group.

ANTI-SUPERBUGS PCP Open Market Consultation

OPEN Market consultation is a powerful instrument that facilitates the knowledge sharing between the demand and supply sides, and to help understanding the gap between both actors. It is vital as means to create and increase awareness of the market relating to the needs of public authorities.

The market consultation for Anti-SUPERBUGS PCP will be conducted in the form of open and oral consultations (interactive and open workshops) and a questionnaire that will be soon available in the project website (http://antisuperbugs.eu).

Current planned events:

1.  December 15th, 2017: AQuAS (Barcelona) – Information and registration: HERE

2.  January 18th, 2018: Improving Infection Control within Healthcare conference, University of Salford (Manchester);

3.  January 24th, 2018: ZENIT Headquarters (Germany);

4.  January 31st, 2018: Province of Trento (Italy).

More information on how to register to 2018 events will be soon published in the Anti-Superbugs website.

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