Can engineers help clinicians in their decision-process?

Example of a computational workflow to treat low-back pain

Prof Lacroix - Webinar

In the webinar, Prof. Damien Lacroix will share his experience in developing decision support system computational tools that aim to help the clinicians in taking the right decision for the right patient. The discussion will be illustrated with the results obtained during the development of the MySpine project that offered a technological platform for the patient-specific treatment of low back pain.

The webinar will be moderated by the VPHi student member Peter Eltes from National Center for Spinal Disorders, Budapest.

This webinar belong to the VPHi keynote webinar series, a quarterly event organised by the VPHi student committee that provides a forum for access to senior community members and their expert competence for chiefly young scientists but also to the VPH community as a whole. 

Learn more about MySpine project:


Prof Lacroix - Webinar

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