The VPH Institute focuses on ensuring that VPH-related R&D all over the world receives an adequate level of funding, that this R&D activity is harmonized to achieve maximum synergy, and that the knowledge and technology that emerges is deployed effectively to support clinical practice and maximise the delivery of potential benefits.
If you share the view that substantially improved healthcare can only be achieved through the converging efforts of life and mathematical sciences and engineering, you should seriously consider becoming a member. Your support of the VPH Institute will not only be instrumental in contributing to the transformation of current biomedical R&D, but it may also improve the quality and the scope of your own R&D and expand your funding base.

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Joining the VPH Institute is very simple: download the application form, compile it, and send it to the Institute manager following the instructions enclosed.

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To date the membership of the Institute is composed of 65 institutions from three different continents and 15 countries and includes many academic, clinical and industrial key players in the area of in silico medicine.

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