Every day worldwide biomedical research and clinical practice produce a huge amount of information on such processes. But this information is highly fragmented, and its integration is largely left to the human actors, who find this more and more difficult as the breath and depth of information available increases exponentially.

We need to develop a new approach, which makes possible the integration of information, and simplifies its transformation into integrated knowledge. The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) is a framework of methods and technologies that once fully established will make possible the investigation of the human body as a whole.
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The mission of the VPH Institute is to ensure that the Virtual Physiological Human is fully realised, universally adopted, and effectively used both in research and clinic.

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The vision of the VPH Institute for the first five years is to realise the VPH to the largest possible extent. To achieve this objective the VPH institute will work to:

  • Ensure that VPH-related research receives all over the world an adequate level of funding;
  • Ensure that this funded research contributes with a high degree of synergy to the realisation of the VPH.

In the next ten years the priority is to make sure that the VPH framework is:

  • Universally adopted;
  • Deployed into research and clinical settings so as to produce the highest possible benefits.
In practice all these objectives will have to be pursued simultaneously, although over time the focus of the Institute will probably move from the promotion and the coordination of research and development more toward dissemination, training and re-training, and outreach.


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