Why joining the VPH Institute?

Research is turning into a truly competitive environment, where heterogeneous interests heavily interfere with the strategic decisions on what should or should not be funded. In this environment, the VPH Institute is the best option to speak with one voice strengthening the international profile of VPH.

Is your research group already involved with some VPH research projects?

Are you not yet involved in VPH, but are you active in sectors such as biomedical engineering, computational physiology, biomathematics, biochemistry, biophysics and systems biology? Or are you interested in computer science applied to biomedical domains?

Are you in a clinical research group, or in a small-medium enterprise with interests in research and innovation in biomedicine?

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Joining the VPH Institute is very simple: download the application form, compile it, and send it to the Institute manager following the instructions enclosed.

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