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The Virtual Physiological Human initiative is a worldwide effort to develop next-generation computer technologies to integrate all information available for each patient, and generated computer models capable of predicting how the health of that patient will evolve under certain conditions. A number of VPH research projects have been financed over the years, mainly by the European Commission, but from other funding bodies too. This list includes all the VPH related projects that have contributed to the development of this initiative.

    EU-LAM community to foster international cooperation on eHealth applications and technologies

  • @neurIST
    Integrated biomedical informatics for the management of cerebral aneurysms

  • ACGT
    Advancing Clinico Genomic Trials on Cancer

  • ACTION-Grid
    The first European initiative on Grid Computing, Biomedical Informatics and Nanoinformatics

  • Airprom
    Airway Disease PRedicting Outcomes through Patient Specific Computational Modelling

    Natural Language Based Decision Support in Neuro-Rehabilitation

  • ARCH
    Patient specific image-based computational modelling for improvement of short- and long-term outcome of vascular access in patient on hemodialysis therapy (ARCH)

    A Semantic Web Service-based P2P Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Medical Information Systems

  • ARTreat
    Multi-level patient-specific artery and atherogenesis model for outcome prediction, decision support treatment, and virtual hand-on training (ARTREAT)

    Association Studies Assisted by Inference and Semantic Technologies

    A Wearable EMG Augmentation system for Robust emotional Understanding

  • Avert-IT
    Advanced Arterial Hypotension Adverse Event prediction through a Novel Bayesian Neural Network

  • Avicenna
    Avicenna - A Strategy for In-Silico Clinical Trials

  • BioBridge
    Integrative Genomics and Chronic Disease Phenotypes: modelling and simulation tools for clinicians

    Computational Intelligence for Biopattern analysis in Support of eHealthcare

    Complete Ambient Assisted Living eXperiment (CAALYX) in Second Life®

    Proof of Concept of Model-based Cardiovascular Prediction

    Simulation based automated Diagnosis, Treatment and prognosis of Cardiovascular diseases

    An intelligent support environment to improve the quality of decision processes in health communities

    Coeliac Disease – Management, Monitoring and Diagnosis using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System


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