CompBioMed Webinar #9: EUDAT Services for FAIR Data Management


The next CompBioMed’s webinar will take place on 27 June 2019 at 12pm CEST with a presentation on "EUDAT Services for FAIR Data Management" by Dr Narges Zarrabi (SURFsara).

This is the 9th of a series of webinars that the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence organises in collaboration with the VPH Institute.

The main objective of this webinar is to show how the CompBioMed community can use the EOSC services for managing active research data (i.e. data transfer, storage, and sharing) and for preserving final research data (i.e. data archiving and publishing). In this webinar, Narges will give a brief overview of the EUDAT Services and the data life cycle. She will further demonstrate how these services operate and integrate with each other to meet the data management requirements of research communities and comply with the FAIR principles – which require the data to be properly documented, annotated, archived, published and accessible to the wider community.

Target audience: community researchers, data managers and the IT support people.

Dr Narges Zarrabi is a consultant at the data services unit at SURFsara. She holds a PhD in Computational Science from University of Amsterdam (2013). Her PhD research was about modeling and simulation of infectious disease using agent-based models and complex networks. Currently at SURFsara, Narges  consults researchers on data management, data preservation and online data services. She gives data management courses and workshops at universities to train researchers and graduate students to manage and handle large amounts of research data. Narges is also involved in different national and international projects including CompBioMed and EOSC-hub, to understand the community requirements and translate them into technical solutions.

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