ComBioMed Webinar #2: Introduction to cloud computing for the VPH

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The webinar is the second of a series that the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence is organising in collaboration with the VPH Institute. This webinar will be delivered by SURFsara (NL), the Dutch national high-performance computing and e-Science support centre, and the INSIGNEO group from the University of Sheffield (UK). 

The webinar will be on 30 Jan 2018 at 12 CET and will last 1 hour. Register for free here

In this webinar, we will show what a Cloud computing environment is and how it can help with your research. You will learn how to set up and access your virtual machine, as well as to install software and run your simulations. In particular, we will show how to configure and run openBF, a computational library written in Julia for blood flow simulations in straight elastic arteries developed by INSIGNEO, and how to visualize the output produced by the code.  

Speaker Biosketch:

Ander Astudillo studied Computing engineering in A Coruña. Worked providing support and developing solutions in IT and mechanics. He has been a consultant at SURFsara for over 5 years, guiding scientists through IT as well as developing software solutions and infrastructure for research. 

Alessandro Melis is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine. Alessandro received a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from "Sapienza" The University of Rome, Italy, an MSc in Computational Intelligence from The University of Sheffield, UK and an MSc in Space System Engineering from the University of Southampton, UK. He has published on sensitivity analysis methods for numerical vascular models and he is currently working in the CompBioMed project for the deployment of INSIGNEO’s numerical workflows on HPC platforms.

Further information can be found on the CompBioMed website


CompBioMed webinar#2_cover

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