Written Parliamentary Question - Horizon 2020 - ‘Science with and for society’ in the 2014 EU budget

On 7 March 2014 Ms. Teresa Riera Madurell (S&S, ES) tabled a Written Parliamentary Question inquiring as to the reason for the omission by the Commission of an estimated budget for the new ‘Science with and for society’ section of Horizon 2020 in its proposal for the review of the 2014 budget.

Science with and for Society’ programme will play a significant role in addressing the European societal challenges tackled by Horizon 2020, in terms of developing innovative ways of connecting science to society and is as such of relevance VPH as it could potentially lead to the development of further research and innovation activities, including personalised medicine.

This question is noteworthy as it offers a clear indication of the interest of MEPs in the allocation of funds towards that advancement of science on a societal platform through innovative research and development.

Parliamentary questions are a direct form of parliamentary scrutiny from the Members of the European Parliament of other EU institutions and bodies.
In particular, they inquire the Commission about:

  1. How does the Commission intend to draw up guidelines and legislate with regard to legal aspects and data protection in the field of online health.
  2. How will the Commission ensure that the sharing, processing and analysis of data are done securely, striking a balance between data access and data protection.

The answer can be expected within 6 weeks from that date when the question was tabled and the link to the question is available here

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