Developer of revolutionary brain devices announced as one of the winners of the European Women Innovators Award

On 10 March 2014, Ms. Ana Maiques, CEO of Neuroelectrics was awarded the European Women Innovator Award for her research and development of revolutionary brain devices.

Neuroelectrics has been developed to commercialise technologies conceived within the EU-funded project HIVE, which is a 4 year long project funded by the European Commission. Under FP7, FET has provided funding for new & emerging transformative trends in future technologies

This accomplishment for Neuroelectrics is significant in that it was brought about investment from the European Union through the FET programme. Most importantly, the FET calls for 2014-2020 contain calls of relevance for VPH under the new research programme Horizon 2020, most notably the Human Brain Project (HBP) - FET Flagship Core Project which is like the virtual physiological human but on a smaller scale.

The HBP is organized around three distinct but complementary research areas (Future Neuroscience, Future Medicine and Future Computing), and thirteen sub-projects (amongst others, strategic brain data, Neuroinformatics, brain simulation, high performance computing, medical informatics, neuromorphic computing, neurorobotics)

It is important to note that €2.7 billion will be invested in FET under Horizon 2020 which represents an almost threefold increase in budget compared to the previous research programme, once again showcasing the mounting willingness at EU level to invest in ground breaking emerging technologies. FET actions fall within the remit of the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon 2020.

More information on the European Women Innovators Award is available here

Access to funding opportunities through the Horizon 2020 Participant Portal can be found here.  

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