Written Declaration on the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

On the 9th of May, the European Parliament published a Written Declaration on Increasing citizens’ awareness of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive (CBHD).

Written declaration, if passed, is a statement of position of the European Parliament. The declaration calls for the Commission and the Council to:

  • Scale up efforts to increase awareness among EU citizens on their rights to receive healthcare in other EU MS’
  • Coordinate an information campaign to inform citizens on their rights to receive cross-border healthcare
  • Pay particular attention to MS where awareness on the CBHD is particularly low

The declaration will lapse on 9th of August 2016, by which it should reach the support of the majority of the MEPs in order to be forwarded to the European Commission.

Even though the Directive is fully transposed, tremendous challenges with its implementation currently exist. The report of the European Commission from September 2015 revealed a significant gap in application of the Directive’s provision across Member States. The declaration comes despite the Commission’s effort to increase citizens’ awareness, and calls to further improve awareness of the Directive and citizens’ rights. It further shows that MEPs are on the same page as the Commission in their attempt to reveal the full potential of the Directive.

You can find the written declaration here

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