WHO/Europe releases report on transparency for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other health products

WHO/Europe has released a report reviewing the transparency measures of markets for medicines, vaccines, and other health products in the WHO European Region.

The report reviewed existing policies and evidence from Member States on improving market transparency to support them in implementing further policies. It served as a two-year evaluation of impact of Resolution WHA72.8.

Overall, at least 15 Member States have online repositories to track the prices of medicines; however, there is no complete list of Member States who have domestic policy related to medicinal product market transparency.

Two main areas were identified for policy development:

  • Price transparency of the health products
  • Research and development cost transparency

Two disclosure practices were identified in Member States that could be further applied to groups of Member States:

  • Pooled procurement (one agency/group purchases on behalf of the whole group)
  • Clearing-house method (members collect and share procurement prices to increase awareness, accountability)

Have a look at the full report HERE

Date: 22/09/2021 | Tag: | News: 1216 of 1596
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