VPHi-Alliance research WG: report on the recent meeting

On 27 Sept 2017 the Research WG had its third meeting of the year

Currently composed by over 30 members from both industry and academia, the Research WG aims to promote in silico medicine in EU research policy, acting as a consultative group that will provide technical/detailed scientific inputs into policy and fostering mutually beneficial links between the Avicenna Alliance industry members and VPHi members.

The group had its third meeting of the year on 27 September 2017 and discussed about a number of important issues for the community, such as:

H2020 brokerage events for new calls 

Times are now mature for the VPHi to play a role in helping out our members in the consortium creation process. For what concerns the 2019 call, an info session and match making event will be organised at Zaragoza meeting on the 2019 VPH related calls, with contribution from the EC. For the 2018 calls, the VPHi will set up online match making events only for VPHi members. Additionally, a webinar will be organised in collaboration with the EC, that has already agreed to contribute giving specific presentations on the upcoming VPHi related calls.

FET flagship

The VPHi, led by Lies Geris, is working to put together a CSA proposal. The submission deadline is 20 Feb 2018, date by which the VPHi will need to submit a 20 page document explaining the excellence and impact of the proposal.

The activities of the Research WG are open to all VPHi and Avicenna members. In case you're interested to join please contact the VPHi manager

Reports on the previous meetings of the group are available on the VPHi website:

23 June 2017

23 Jan 2017

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