VPHi/AA working groups - call for participation!

The VPH Institute and in silico-related companies (software, medical devices & pharma) are working together under the umbrella of the Avicenna Alliance on a number of activities from policy to engagement and research with the common goal to facilitate the adoption of in silico medicine. This year we have a number of new working groups open to all VPHi members, sign up to give your contribute!

We have many active working groups that focus on specific initiatives. The working groups normally meet remotely (via teleconference) every 3 months and all of them are open for participation to all Alliance members, which includes all VPHi members. If you are interested in any of the topics and you would like to contribute with your expertise or simply want to learn what the current status in that area is, you are welcome to join.

To do so, please fill in the form.

The industry members are particularly keen to collaborate with the academic side of the in silico community, in the form of community initiatives, bilateral project or specific project consortia. The Alliance is working on a matchmaking tool that will allow identification of best partners (industry and academia). In the meantime, participation to the activities below is a good way of getting in touch with other members.

The Avicenna Alliance’s industrial membership is growing rapidly. All VPHi members are automatically also members of the Alliance. We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this momentum we have been building up to for a long time and contribute to the activities mentioned above. Do not be afraid that you might not have the right expertise, just join us and judge for yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any clarifications.

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