VPH-Share and VPH-DARE@IT working together

A collaboration between VPH-Share and VPH-DARE@IT was recently established with the aim of reducing effort at the infrastructure level.

VPH-Share intends to provide all of the common IT services required by any VPH research project including: data management, security and authentication, workflow capabilities and HPC.

At the same time, one of the goals of VPH-DARE@IT is to demonstrate how true collaboration between European projects can help to reduce overall costs and time spent on common tasks, maximising the investment and results in areas where projects will add value and make a real difference to the community. 

In this context, a strong and fruitful collaboration between the two projects has been established with the aim of reducing effort usually spent at the infrastructure level. 

Since the beginning of VPH-DARE@IT, in April 2013, partners identified the need to validate that VPH-Share was capable of handling the VPH-DARE@ IT infrastructure requirements. Now an initial Proof of Concept was defined and successfully executed relying on the infrastructure and services provided by VPH-Share. 

More information on this collaboration can be found on the first issue of the VPH-DARE@IT newsletter (page 12-13)

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