VPH Portal is on-line

The release of the new portal of the VPH community was announced during the VPH2012 conference in London. The website is now up and running: www.vph-portal.eu

Thanks to the collaborative effort of the VPH Network of Excellence  and the recently established Editorial Board led by the VPH Institute, the VPH Portal was developed and released in time to be presented at one of the most important events of the VPH Community: the VPH2012 conference.

You can now visit it at: www.vph-portal.eu

The portal from now onwards will be the new digital home of the VPH Community at large, aiming at:

  • Make available a repository for all digital resources shared among the community;

  • Expose all web services being developed by the community;

  • Offer a personalised dashboard through which every member of the community can access his/her preferred tools and data, a sort of digital workplace.

As soon as the VPH NoE will come to an end, the VPH Institute will take over all the rights and the responsibility to sustain and further develop the portal: four developers from three different institutions will be contracted to work on the implementations and they will also provide training programs for all other groups that want to add functionalities to the portals, or integrate their services into it, so to further expand the developers base…. So many new exciting opportunities ahead…!

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