VPH paper in the most downloaded and cited articles of Royal Society

The Royal Society has recently published the list of the ten most cited paper for its journals, and in the listing of Interface Focus we are happy to see a VPH paper!

The VPH community has always entailed special relationships with the publications of the Royal Society, and in the past many VPH special issues provided most cited papers to these journals: the same has happened this year!

Here it is the link to the article which was included in the statistic:


Congratulations to: 

  • Giancarlo Pennati
  • Chiara Corsini
  • Daria Cosentino
  • Tain-Yen Hsia
  • Vincenzo S. Luisi
  • Gabriele Dubini
  • Francesco Migliavacca

authors of "Boundary conditions of patient-specific fluid dynamics modelling of cavopulmonary connections: possible adaptation of pulmonary resistances results in a critical issue for a virtual surgical planning", one of the papers in the special issue: The Virtual Physiological Human Interface Focus June 6, 2011 1 (3) 281-285, edited by  Peter V. Coveney, Vanessa Diaz, Peter Hunter, Peter Kohl, and Marco Viceconti.

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