VPH NL Networks wins the call for bid for VPH2016

VPH2016 will be held in Amsterdam from September 19-21 2016.

The bid has been presented as a shared initiative of the VPH Netherland Network, composed by


With a track record experience in the organisation of a number of scientific confenrences, such as the Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Disease 2008-2014 (yearly event), the European Society of Biomechanics 2004, the European Conference on Microcirculation 2006, a IUPS Satellite Symposium 2013, the consortium is offering its professionalism and scientific wisdom to organize the 4th issue of the VPH conference, ensuring continuity and steadiness to this important initiative.

The proposed theme for the conference is “VPH for Systems Medicine”. The conference will position VPH research in the broader context of Systems Medicine, stipulating its multidisciplinary character (biology, medicine, mathematical modelling, computing). VPH NL Network also aims to discuss VPH in the broader context of health systems and care, addressing some key questions such as:

How will VPH contribute to better understanding of health, ageing and disease, as well as to health promotion and disease prevention? Can VPH contribute to improve the health care system, and how?

VPH2016 goals is to reach a much stronger participation of medical specialists as well as health care specialists, fostering community wide discussion on translating VPH to the clinic.

The programme will feature four plenary sessions centred on the following themes.

1. In-Silico Clinical Trials

2. The Digital Patient in the Clinic

3. Personalised Medicine (diagnosis, therapy, treatment)

4. Translating the VPH, Systems Medicine

A number of thematic parallel sessions (workshops) will be also included in the programme, clustered in two main groups:

1.  Basic VPH research

2.  Clinical Applications of VPH.

Basic VPH Research

  • Modelling Organs and Organ Systems
  • Bridging the Scales in Computational Physiology
  • In-Silico Trials
  • (Meta)Models, Data, and Infrastructure
  • Big Data and the VPH

Clinical Applications of VPH

  • Cardiac, Cardio-Vascular
  • (Neuro)-Vascular
  • Musculo-Skeletal
  • Lung and Airways
  • Cancer
  • Medical Devices
  • Personalized Medicine

More information on the conference programme and deadlines will be presented at the closing session of the VPH2014 conference in Trondheim.

The VPH Institute wishes to publically congratulate with the VPH NL Network for the having been selected as the VPH2016 organizers!

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