VPH/CAAT and EAMBES to put forward common position on Stop Vivisection Campaign

The VPH Institute, the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering (EAMBES) and the Centre for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) are to put forward a joint response to the Stop Vivisection campaign currently under consideration by the European Parliament and Commission.
Stop Vivisection

The goal of the Stop Vivisection campaign is to stop animal testing in the European Union and during the hearing of its petition in May, put a particular emphasis on the invaliditiy of animal testing for human health.

Although it is highly unlikely that the petition will succeed or even make any progress, the PAWG has been in touch with representatives of CAAT and EAMBES to put forward a joint position representing a large portion of the EU scientific community.

The paper will stress that while alternatives to animal testing should be favored where scientifically validated, the use of animal testing represents an important aspect of research to improve human health and develop new treatments.

This paper therefore will very much be in line with the current position paper of the VPH institute

Further information on the Stop Vivisection campaign can be found here.


Stop Vivisection

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