VPH 2021 Best Poster award winner

During VPH Summer School, the award committee selected Dr. Wahbi El Bouri, from the University of Liverpool as the winner of the "2021 Best VPHi Poster Award". Sincere congratulations Wahbi!
wahbi el bouri

Dr. El Bouri presented a poster entitled "Multi-scale modelling of the impact of clot micro-fragments on a porous representation of full brain perfusion".

"A question we sought to answer is why do some stroke patients, after a mechanical removal of their clot, not regain blood flow in the downstream brain tissue. One hypothesis is the fragmentation of the clot, whilst being removed, leads to micro-emboli that block the blood vessels downstream. Through a combination of in vitro quantification of clot fragmentation, simulation of where the micro-emboli enter the microcirculation, and a multi-scale model of full-brain perfusion, we were able to determine that it is unlikely micro-emboli are the reason why large regions of brain tissue do not regain blood flow. This project was conducted as part of the Horizon 2020 funded INSIST (in silico trials for treatment of acute ischaemic stroke) consortium."

The whole VPHi community wishes Wahbi a brilliant career and congratulates him on this achievement!


wahbi el bouri

Date: 26/09/2021 | Tag: | News: 1221 of 1588
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