Upcoming developments on key legislative files

The autumn of 2013 is set to be busy for European institutions, as the European Parliament is nearing the end of its 5 year term.

After the elections, scheduled for May 2014, a new European Commission will also begin its mandate. With most European Parliament Members standing in for re-election, work that is not finished by the begging of spring 2014 will likely be postponed for autumn. 

Key legislative files that are under discussion include:  

  • Horizon 2020 
    • With agreement reached between the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, it is likely it will be adopted in time for the 1 January 2014 start of the programme;
    • 23 October – Vote scheduled in the European Parliament plenary 
  • Medical Devices Regulation 
    • 18 September – Vote scheduled in Committee
    • 22 October – vote scheduled in the European Parliament plenary
    • Council of Ministers continuing work; 
  • Clinical Trials on medicinal products for human use Regulation 
    • 10 March 2014 – vote scheduled in the European Parliament plenary  
  • Personal Data Protection Regulation
    • 6 June 2013 – last debate in the Council of the European Union 

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