Two open rank Professor Positions in Technology and Research Related to Next Generation Biomedical Digital Twins

Application deadline ASAP

The Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University (IU) Bloomington invites applications for two open rank tenure track/tenured professor positions in Intelligent Systems Engineering (ISE) to begin August 1, 2023 in the area of technology and research related to next-generation biomedical digital twins. This search is part of a broad collaborative initiative to create key hardware and software components of next-generation digital twins for research, bioengineering and clinical application.

Luddy School envisions a future for clinically actionable digital twins that integrate prior biomedical knowledge, novel biosensors, clinical data, patient-derived engineered models, computational modeling, and high-performance computing to allow real-time patient monitoring, treatment discovery and optimization. Examples of current generation biomedical Digital Twins include the artificial pancreas, personalized tumor computer simulations for radiation therapy design, and personalized cardiovascular simulations for surgical intervention design. Research areas of interest include predictive computational modeling of biological networks, tissues, organ systems, organisms, physiology, toxicology, or biomedical interventions; engineered living systems including organoid culture and engineered tissues; control design; therapy design and discovery; software and hardware infrastructure; multiscale model integration with multimodal data; data assimilation/calibration, validation, optimization techniques; automated model improvement; and implantable and wearable biosensors and actuators.

ISE is a diverse department with research strength in mechanistic mathematical and computational modeling, machine learning, high performance computing, open source and FAIR biomedical research, organ-on-a-chip systems, patient-tailored organoids, biosensors, robotics, and toxicology. Successful candidates will show commitment to the collaborative and transdisciplinary approach of ISE and Luddy School. ISE faculty are expected to develop an active, externally-funded research program. New faculty will have the opportunity to collaborate with and grow IU's existing efforts in computational and experimental bioengineering, digital twins, computing, and medicine. ISE seeks candidates committed to excellence in teaching courses of interest to a broad range of undergraduate and graduate engineering students and whose teaching fosters diversity and inclusion. Duties will include research, teaching, course design and assessment, and service to the School.

Minimum Qualifications: Applicants should have a demonstrated excellence in research and teaching and a PhD in mathematical or computational biology, bio-, biomedical or computer engineering, or a related discipline expected before August 2023.

Full information can be found here

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