Two 3-year postdoc positions in bioreactor technologies and their digital twin for skeletal tissue engineering @KU Leuven

Application deadline: 14 Feb 2020

Thanks to recently awarded ERC and national grants, KU Leuven is hiring highly motivated, enthusiastic post-doctoral researchers to work on the following projects:

  • Digital twin for perfusion bioreactor set-up: KU Leuven has developed an in-house perfusion bioreactor system as well as a computer model capturing the biological processes taking place inside said bioreactor. In order for the model to become a real digital twin, a real-time connection between the in vitro set-up and in vivo model needs to be made in the monitoring & control software. Design adaptations to the bioreactor can be implemented in order to further automate the system or increase its versatility. Exploration of the use of this bioreactor in industrial context is part of the goals of the project. 
  • Mesofluidics system to mimick post-implantation environment: KU Leuven is looking to further develop an in-house prototype of a 2D+ mesofluidics system that aims to mimic the in vivo environment encountered by tissue engineering constructs immediately upon implantation (including hypoxia and inflammation).  The work will involve the development or implementation of the necessary online quality controls (image & medium-based).

In case you're interested to apply, full information on the vacancies can be found here

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