Travel Awards for VPH conference

The VPH INSTITUTE has established Travel Awards with the purpose of allowing young researchers to participate at the next VPH conferences with priority to researchers from countries with low income (based on GDP per capita).

In occasion of the VPH2014 conference, the Institute will assign five awards of 400€ for a total of 2000€

Any young researcher who is undertaking a post-graduate training in VPH related disciplines (or has obtained his/her post-graduate degree in the last five  years) who presents a promising research career and who has an  accepted paper for the upcoming VPH Conference as oral or poster presentation is eligible to the award.

The VPH Institute will appoint an Award Committee formed by VPH experts that will be responsible of screening the applications.

Applicants should forward their request to the Chairman of the Award Committee at the time of abstract submission set by the Conference organizers.

Applications must include: 

a. a cover letter, carrying the following information: applicant’s full name, address, nationality, age, VPH Institute membership status, information concerning his/her present position, name of his/her present institution, name and address of the academic adviser. 

b. a second letter in the form of a 200-word-statement to show the student’s motivation. This letter must state: 

- why they wish to apply for it; 

- what would be the benefit for the student; 

- how crucial it is to have to the travel award for participating to the conference. The financial need will play a crucial role in deciding who finally gets this award if there are more candidates than the number of awards to be handed out. 

- the officially submitted paper for an oral or poster presentation, in which the applicant is the presenting author to the VPH Conference; 

- the applicant’s curriculum vitae.

For more information about eligibility and how to apply for the Travel Awards please see the instructions.

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