The VPHi is leading a FET Flagship proposal submission

On 11 January in Amsterdam a group of selected experts led by Lies Geris (VPHi Ex Dir) met to discuss in full details the FET CSA proposal.
Fet meeting

FET Flagships tackle grand Science and Technology challenges expected to result in 'game changing' impacts on economy and society, benefitting European citizens and paving the way for global technological and industrial leadership. Because of their ambition, their scale and their interdisciplinary nature, FET Flagships can only be realised through a long-term and sustained effort at European level, by building on large scale research cooperation across academia and industry and across national research programmes, and by mobilising Europe's best researchers around an ambitious R&D roadmap.

By 2020 the EC will open a new submission round and will finance one or two big FET Flagships projects like Graphene. The FET flagship call will have a two phase approach. In the first phase, 5 to 6 CSAs will be granted 1 million for 1 year to put together a full proposal for a FET Flagship. In phase 2, out of these proposals 1 or 2 projects will be selected and financed.

The VPHi Executive Director, Prof Lies Geris, in collaboration with the industries of the Avicenna Alliance and the Research WG, has taken the helm of this important initiative that will lead to the submission of a CSA proposal. The first step will be a delivery of a 20 page document by 20 February 2018 presenting the major impact the project will bring on economy and society as well as on science and technology.  

On 11 Jan 2018 top researchers and industry representatives from various fields met in Amsterdam to discuss the proposal details. The meeting saw the active participation of over 30 attendees, bringing together their ideas and expertise towards the realisation of this ambitious goal.

We will keep you posted on future developments!


Fet meeting

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