The VPH project AirPROM releases Lung Chaste

Lung Chaste: developing software for multiscale lung ventilation simulations
Lung Chaste

Lung Chaste is a research software library that can be used to simulate breathing in human lungs. It allows researchers to investigate how airways disease manifests in a number of common clinical pulmonary function tests and to construct patient based computational lung models.

Lung Chaste has been funded largely through the VPH project AirPROM (Airways disease predicting outcomes through patient specific computational modelling) as part of the 7th research framework programme (FP7) and it is a major component of the AirPROM multiscale model, which is designed to predict disease progression and response to treatment for those with asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Read more about Lung Chaste on:

See how it works on Chaste YouTube channel


Lung Chaste

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