The United States is still first in science, but China is rising fast as funding stalls everywhere

According to an analysis published on 15 June 2017, American dominance in biomedical research is shrinking, as international collaboration becomes ever more prominent.

United States (US) scientists still publish significantly more biomedical research than any other country, and the US still leads the world in research and development spending, but its dominance is slowly shrinking, as Chinaโ€™s skyrocketing investment in science over the last two decades begins to pay off. China ranks now fourth in the world for the total number of new discoveries published in the six top tier journals.


The rise in global cooperation is striking. In 2000, 25% of papers in the six top-tier journals were by teams that included researchers from at least two countries. In 2015, that figure was closer to 50%. The increasing need for multidisciplinary approaches to make major advances, coupled with the advances for internet-based collaboration tools, may have something to do with this, the researchers say.

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