The Research Work Group will kick off its activities on 23 Jan 2017

Academic members of the VPH Institute together with industry members of the Avicenna Alliance will collaborate to push forward some important goals that will shape the future of VPH research.

24 between academic and industry members have recently joined the Research Work Group, chaired by Stig Omholt that will start its activities on 23 January 2017 via teleconference. Here the full list of members and their expertise. 

Over the 2017 the work group will work on:

  • Develop detailed call texts for the Healthcare related sections of H2020 programme
  • Contribute to the FET Flagship proposal
  • Concentrate on key areas of interest with industry and regulators:
    • New instrumentation development for measuring tissue level phenotypes
    • Model reduction approaches
    • Methods to combine data analytics and mechanistic modelling
    • Molecular & gene regulatory networks as constraints on tissue level models
    • Validation, verification & uncertainty quantification
    • Modelling populations: “virtual patient” development for chronic and rare diseases etc.

We will keep you posted on future developments.

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