The election of the Board of Trustees has now closed

Marco Viceconti, Karl Stroetmann and Alfons Hoestra has been formally elected members of the BoT of the Institute
VPHi Newly elected BoT

Even though the composition of the BoT will be officially ratified at the VPHi General Assembly on 28 September, we can already announce the result of the elections:

  • Prof Marco Viceconti (Insigneo Institute, University of Sheffield) will act a President for a second mandate
  • Professors Karl Stroetmann (empirica) and Alfons Hoekstra (University of Amsterdam) will act as Financial Auditors

Congratulation to all of them for the appointment!

The BoT has the important role is to supervise the operations of the Board of Directors, ensuring they don't get into conflict with the interests of the membership at large and don't violate the common law and the articles of the association. The mandate of the BoT members will last for two years, until Sept 2019. 

The VPHi looks forward to working with Marco, Karl and Alfons for the next 24 months!


VPHi Newly elected BoT

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