Submit a proposal for the 2nd Fed4FIRE Competitive Call

On 21 May 2014, the Fed4FIRE project on federating a common framework for Future Internet Research and Experimentation facilities announced its 2nd competitive call (Fed4FIRE-2). Applications must be submitted before July 2, 2014 and the total available funding for Non -Industrial Experimenters such as VPH, for 2nd Open Call - Part A2 is EUR 200 000.

SmartFIRE will build upon a shared large-scale infrastructure, by expanding and federating existing Future Internet testbeds in Europe and South Korea. The new infrastructure will encourage participants to conceive innovative protocols so as to capitalize on the current leading network technologies. A significant part of the worldwide current research on SDN technologies is being carried out in the South Korean country.

The consortium comprises from 11 partners from EU (Greece, France, Spain and Belgium), South Korea and an international collaborator from Australia. The consortium consists of individuals and organizations from various research innovations. One rather noteworthy participant includes iMinds in Belgium which is an independent strategic research institute which strives to stimulate ICT innovation by addressing technological, legal, business and sociological aspects. VPH may wish to participate in this particular project as it could lend support to the development of an ICT and computational science framework for digital, personalised, and predictive in silico medicine.

The link to the submission portal is available here

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