Special Covid session @VPH2020

On 24 August 2020 the VPH2020 conference will open with a special session completely dedicated to COVID-19

In the context of the current pandemic, a special day on COVID-19 will kick off the VPH2020 conference on Monday August 24th 2020. Etienne Gayat, anaesthesiologist in a major COVID-19 fighting hospital in France, will give a plenary talk to introduce the subject from a clinical perspective. 

Three sessions will give examples of how our community has been very engaged in providing complementary perspectives on COVID-19. Different modelling efforts in epidemiology will be discussed (chaired by Ellen Kuhl, Stanford University). Zooming in, at the 'virtual physiological human’ level, the pathophysiology of how COVID-19 affects the lungs but also other organs or body systems will be explored (chaired by Marco Viceconti, University of Bologna). 

Digital tools are also enhancing knowledge on how the virus spreads outside of the body & interacts with devices: this session will be chaired by the Avicenna Alliance (ANSYS & Medtronic). It will be a very rich day! Stay tuned for the program on the VPH2020 website.

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