Spain’s presidency programme

The Spain’s presidency of the European Council has started in July and will last until December this year. This new presidency brings new focus points in terms of policy and in particular it places an emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and its regulatory development.

Artificial intelligence

Advancements in the field of AI will be presented at the upcoming European AI Alliance Assembly on 16 -17 November 2023 in Madrid. The goal is to promote European digital entrepreneurship in line with the standards set by the Europe Startup Nations Alliance. Their long-term objective is to double the number of European unicorns by 2030.

Digital Transformation

The acceleration of the EU's digital transformation is a priority, ensuring the necessary skills to meet the ambitious objectives of the Digital Decade policy program by 2030. This includes considering a new regulatory policy for electronic communications in Europe. This policy aims to emphasize the strategic importance of the sector while maintaining competitiveness, innovation, and ensuring technical and financial sustainability. For what concerns digital identity, the implementation of the European Digital Identity Regulation (eIDAS 2) is pursued. This regulation aims to enable individuals to manage their personal data at the EU level. Enhancing collaboration between digital identity systems within the EU is also a focus.


Security in the digital realm is a central concern. The Spanish Presidency will advance the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and continue work on the Cyber Solidarity Act, including revising the Cybersecurity Regulation. Efforts will ensure public digital services are interoperable from the outset, and initiatives such as the Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA) will be addressed, along with potential proposals for new telecommunications regulations. In the audio-visual sector, the convergence of EU audio-visual legislation and strengthening relations with Latin America and the Caribbean are priorities.

The Spanish Presidency's initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment to promoting and regulating artificial intelligence, driving digital transformation, and ensuring security across various areas within the EU.

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