Smart4Policy – Reflect about your work on policy!

Smart4Policy is an online self-reflection tool. Its purpose is to help policymakers and researchers working in science-for-policy reflect on their level of competence in various fields.

Smart4Policy has been developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission together with policymakers, researchers, governance scholars, and learning & development experts. The tool helps you understand where your strengths are and which areas of improvement you have. Based on the results, you can make an informed decision about your personal learning and development plan.

For example, you could aim to be a generalist, who is somewhat good at everything. Or you could be a specialist, who aims to be excellent at one or a few connected areas of competence. Importantly, the competences are a collective set of activities, which organisations should be able to perform. But no individual policymaker or researcher can be expected to excel in all or even many of them.

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Date: 22/02/2023 | Tag: | News: 1417 of 1547
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