SimCardioTest Project

The project that exists only for your heart!

The VPHi just started its activity as SimCardioTest project communication coordinator.

The SimCardioTest project wants to demonstrate feasibility, effectiveness and benefits of in-silico trials for cardiac devices & drugs.

It aims to gain the trust of scientists, companies, regulatory bodies, physicians, patients in the hope of promoting healthcare innovation in Europe and beyond.

SimCardioTest is a European Commission-funded project developing new predictive tools in cardiac pathologies, with the aim of creating a standardised and secure cloud-based platform where in silico trials run seamlessly.

The in silico tools created by the SimCardioTest Consortium will be integrated and commercialised through the InSilicoTrials platform, enabling their adoption and diffusion on a global scale.

Have a look to the project press release


Date: 30/03/2021 | Tag: | News: 1187 of 1596
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