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It is now available an on-line forum where anyone can contribute to the debate on the DISCIPULUS road-mapping exercise. Do not miss the chance to express your opinion.

DISCIPULUS really is a project where your input is essential. We want to produce a truly representative, consensus-based, open, critical, and useful roadmap that will guide the future funding in our field of research. 

To make your contribution as easy as possible, we created the on-line forum where we will steer the discussion on the DISCIPULUS road mapping. Joining the forum is very easy, simply click on this link or click here to have further registration instructions.

In the forum we will ask your opinion on crucial topics, both on clinical and technological aspects: your contribution will really make a difference! The most debated topics will then be wrapped up into a brief summary, posted as a news item on the VPH Institute website and then re-distributed through the VPH newsletter. Each news item will also include a poll which will consist of a single question and a YES or NO answer, so to give the wider community the possibility to express their agreement or denial on what was discussed.

It will be a very interesting process… we look forward to seeing you on the forum!

Date: 21/05/2013 | Tag: | News: 54 of 1573
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