Seeking your help on the Avicenna roadmap dissemination

Help us to ensure that our work of 2 years is read far and wide
Avicenna roadmap

With the successful publication of the Roadmap, we are now working on a Communication/Social Media strategy with the European Commission so that this document reaches as wide an audience as possible to ensure the value of all your work is implemented by policy makers. 

Successful communication and social media campaigns require a coordinated approach and to that end the Avicenna Alliance, the resulting Association for Predictive Medicine with 50% VPHi and 50% industry representation, is developing a comprehensive campaign. 

If you are engaged on social media - be it Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and however active you may be, your collaboration would be greatly appreciated. 

Our communication consultants will be happy to get the contact details of the people we could coordinate with on a later stage, explaining the way we will collaborate.  

To give a clearer view on what we are looking for, please find below the points we would need your inputs on:

  1. Could you please think of which members / contributors could share any communication materials that could promote our activities (articles, brochures, images, etc.)?
  2. Could you please share your addresses of the communication channels you could use for posting about the roadmap (your website, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, etc.)?
  3. Do you (or your contacts) have any influential followers on your social media channels, such as bloggers or any KOL?
  4. Do we have a case study which shows the benefits from the technologies supported by the in silico process?
  5. Do you know any potential opportunities to raise communication through 2016’s agenda? (EU/ media/ industry events, such as conferences, policy developments, awareness days, etc.)

If you would be willing to help ensure that our work of 2 years is read far and wide, please contact Asaf at to play your part.

Deadline: 5 February

Download the final version of the roadmap


Avicenna roadmap

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