Second Annual Meeting of the VPH-France Network

On 21 November 2013 the VPH France Network met for its second annual meeting at the Institute of Complex Science in Paris. Interesting presentations were given by important VPH experts such as Bernard de Bono and Alain Berthoz.

The meeting was opened by Randy Thomas (IR4M UMR8081 CNRS Univ. Paris-Sud) with a brief presentation of the history of the Physiome and VPH and an update on the activities of the VPH Institute. Prof Thomas also took the chance to thank the RNSC (French National Network for Complexity Science) for their continued support of the VPH France network.

It followed a stimulating and didactic presentation by Bernard de Bono (Univ. College London and Auckland Bioengineering Institute) on "VPH Interoperability", in which he gave details of the RICORDO toolset for annotation of data and models using reference ontologies.

Franck Nicoud (Univ. Montpellier 2) then presented the software YALES2BIO, which provides powerful description and simulation of micro- and macro-scale blood flows. After lunch, Véronique Thomas-Vaslin (CNRS- UPMC UMR 7211, La Pitié, Paris) presented the work of her laboratory on multi-scale modeling of the immune system. Then David Mitton (UMR_T 9406, IFSTTAR-UCBL) gave a presentation on "Image-based biomechanical modeling: geometry and mechanical properties", and David Ojeda (LTSI INSERM U-642, Université de Rennes 1) presented part of his thesis work on patient-specific modeling of the coronary circulation for treatment of tri-troncular lesions.

The final talk was a keynote presentation by Alain Berthoz (Collège de France, Member of the French Academy of Science) on his concept of "Simplexity", very interesting in the context of multi-scale biomedical modeling. The animated discussion that followed gave rise to several possible new collaborative projects among the participants.

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