Research Fellow in Biomedical Molecular Dynamics for Drug Discovery and Personalised Medicine at UCL

Application deadline 10 April 2019

Applications are invited for a Research Fellow to work with Professor Peter Coveney in the Department of Chemistry at University College London. The successful candidate will join a very active interĀ­disciplinary group in the Centre for Computational Science, working on projects in fields ranging from condensed matter physics and chemistry to life sciences and medicine.

This post will involve the development of molecular models to support computer Ā­based drug discovery and to investigate the biophysical and biochemical origins of drug resistance in pathologies such as HIV, cancer, and antimicrobial resistance, using established molecular dynamics codes such as NAMD and OpenMM. A key element of the approach is the development and use of automated workflows to assist in the rapid, accurate, precise and reproducible determination of binding affinities running on a range of ultraĀ­ high Ā­end supercomputers, including Summit, number one in the Top500 list of supercomputers worldwide.

The post holder will work closely with a large number of international projects across Europe and USA, and with collaborating industrial (pharma/biotech) and public sector partners who have an interest in exploiting our approaches in industry and healthcare.

The post is funded by the European Commission and is available from 1 April 2019, for a period of 24 months initially.

Full information can be found on theĀ UCL job page.

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