Report from the 5th Barcelona VPH Summer School

This year, we had the pleasure to welcome 19 speakers and 140+ attendees, from different international Institutions, with 16 lectures & workshops. Find out more all the details about the last edition.

The VPH Summer School was co-organized by BCN MedTech at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Chair: Prof JĂ©rĂ´me Noailly and by the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi), with the collaboration of the UPF department of Experimental and Health Science and the QUAES Foundation.

This year, we had the pleasure to welcome 19 speakers and 140+ attendees, from different international institutions and Disc4All Project Members. The event provided junior engineers, early researchers and medical doctors with an integrative view of state-of-the-art research for in silico medicine, following a complete pipeline from basic science and clinical needs, to model application.

It was a memorable event with 16 lectures & workshops plus one honorary VPH lecture, given by leading international researchers. The key methodological and technological concepts were enriched by afternoon hands-on sessions that stand for 15,5 hours of transversal training in in silico medicine technologies during the whole week. The most of the attendees participated to the 7 hands-on sessions led by a total of 15 expert and researchers.

The Best VPHi Thesis Award in In Silico Medicine was given to Francesco Regazzoni, Chairs: Robyn May & Mojtaba Barzegari for his fantastic thesis ¨Mathematical Modeling and Machine Learning for the Numerical Simulation of Cardiac Electromechanics¨.

The Best VPHi Poster Award was won by Wahbi El-Bouri with the poster “Multi-scale modelling of the impact of clot micro-fragments on a porous representation of full brain perfusion”.

The Best Hands-on was also awarded by the UPF-QUAES Chair, and the winners were: Paula Garcia Hernandez, Ricardo Caballero Masa, Marina Echeverría Ferrero, Keith Kennedy, Patricia Hernández López, Mònica Font Murillo, Itziar Ríos Ruiz, Raquel González López, Zeynep Karagoz, Berta Mateu.

Undoubtedly, the 5th VPH Summer School has been a great inspiring experience, for both junior and senior scientist!

More detail will follow on the 6th VPH Summer School which will take place from 23th to 27th May 2022 in Barcelona. The thematic will be “Models & Simulations for highly multifactorial disorders”.

You can check the latest information HERE

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