Released new version of Bonemat

Bonemat version 3.2 can be freely downloaded from

The Bonemat Development Team at Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (IOR) is happy to announce the release of Bonemat version 3.2. Bonemat is a software to map on a Finite Element mesh bone elastic properties derived from Computed Tomography images.

Download is free at

The main new features provided in the new versions are:

  • importers/exporters from and to both Ansys and Abaqus (thanks to the collaboration with Elise Pegg at the University of Bath)
  • simplified format to import/export generic meshes
  • test data available, including a fully anonymised proximal femur with FE mesh 
  • new operations to merge FE meshes
  • some new graphics, and visualisation options

The development team encourages you to download Bonemat version 3.2, use it, report any bugs, tell friends/colleagues, and propose improvements/collaborations.

It’s to note that Bonemat is strictly limited to research purposes. License terms should be consulted before using the software:



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